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We manually book all of our courses to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for our customers. Please follow the link below to request a course. 


MTB Skills

3 hours - $150 ea or $265 for both

Group clinics: $300 flat rate

Looking to improve your mountain bike technique? We offer customized skills clinics to individuals, race teams, and groups that are guaranteed to change the way you ride. Our clinics are based on the IMBA ICP curriculum and include instruction, skills practice, take-home practice drills, and are applicable to all levels of rider. 

MTB Level 1 - Fundamental biomechanics, stopping and dismounting, cornering, ascending, descending

MTB Level 2 - Trail obstacles: wheel lifts, rock gardens, skinnies, tight corners, rock dodge. 

Bike Instructional Ride

3 hours - $120

Not sure you need a skills clinic, but are interested in some coaching or ideas on where to ride, we offer private and semi-private bike lessons and guided rides in the Wasatch. We will offer coaching, encouragement, and 3 hours of enjoyment. Available for both mountain and road bikes. Fat bike rides offered in the winter. 

Kids Learn To Ride

2.5 hours - $100 per lesson (+$45 per person)

We have been teaching kids for 12+ years and fully understand the relationship between parent and child, kids just don't like learning from Mom or Dad. We will work with your kid to get them up on two wheels. We've designed a series of courses that are fun for kids and use proven teaching techniques to teach them balance, steering, pedaling, stopping, and gearing. Recommended for ages 3-9.  

L2R Level 1 - Kids learn balance, steering, and riding with pedals. Goal: to ride with minimal support

L2R Level 2 - Kids learn to start and stop independently, coast and slow down, avoid obstacles, and "crash" safely

L2R Level 3- We will guide the kids on a ride through public areas and learn appropriate etiquette, avoiding obstacles, and shifting. We will also learn curb drops and standing up on the pedals.