Curriculum + Content




Program Packages 

For outdoor organizations looking to launch a new experiential program, we offer themed program packages. Our program packages include a series of seasonal courses, customized with your logo, and includes staff-trainings, all course materials, presentations and handouts, risk management resources, and industry best-practices. Packages also include 1 year of curriculum library access, quarterly staff-trainings, and an annual risk-management and instructional skills audit to ensure quality instruction. 

Bike Shop Package

  • Learn 2 Ride
  • Bikes 101
  • Mountain Biking Basics and Skills Clinic
  • Trailside/Roadside Maintenance Basics

Kid's Camp Package

12 week summer camp adventure series, can be bike-specific

  • Insta-Outside: photography scavenger hunt hike
  • Getting Lost:  orienteering basics 

Curriculum Library 


Our curriculum library includes courses designed, tested, and validated to ensure they meet customer expectations and create value in the community. We publish new courses weekly and regularly update and refresh existing content. Risk-management resources and industry best-practices are included in library access. 

Subscription Access -
starting at $150/month

  • Access to library of courses and course materials (plans, presentations, and hand outs) with branding options
  • New courses added each month to keep content fresh
  • Access to risk-management resources and best-practices
  • Annual staff-training
  • Monthly newsletter 

Individual Plans -
starting at $200 each

  • Individual plans customized to your brand
  • Access to risk-management resources and best-practices
  • Discounts on staff-trainings 
  • Monthly newsletter 

Custom Programs 

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