Why should I sign my kid up for breaking trails?

Breaking Trails is for kids who don't learn well from structured educational systems. We founded Breaking Trails around the idea that kids need to be kids and need to discover the world through curiosity and exploration, not structured programs and expectations.  While each adventure is themed (i.e- photography) and we will be learning about that topic, it will through self-guided learning and collaboration. 

What are the differences between adventures and programs?

Adventures are single day outings as an introduction to Breaking Trails or outdoor adventure.  Programs are a series of adventures, typically occurring weekly for a 12 week "semester."  Our programs are designed around building character and encouraging kids to design or create ways to get others outside and enjoying nature. 

Is Breaking Trails a for-profit company?

No, Breaking Trails is currently organized as an Low-Profit, Limited Liability Company or L3C, so legally we aren't allowed to have profits as a goal. We are currently working to become a Non-Profit Corporation ( 501c3 ), however the process is lengthy and expensive so it may take some time before we reach that status. 

What are the rules?

Our only rule is to be a good person: to yourself, to the environment, and to those around you.  We recognize that kids may need to learn how to be a good person and we are there to help guide them. 

How will you keep my kid safe?

Safety is a serious concern and we are prepared to handle emergencies and accidents which do happen in the outdoors.  All of our guides are First Aid certified and one of our founders is part of the Utah Search and Rescue team.  While we will do our best to keep your kid safe, we believe that there is a delicate balance between over-protection and negligence and our policy is to allow kids to explore their limits and learn risk-management within reason.  If you do not agree with this, then perhaps Breaking Trails is not for you. 

We do require that every participant has a liability release waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to any Adventure or Program. 


We understand that life happens, and we hope you do too.  In the event that your child cannot attend the Adventure or Program, we will issue a partial refund of 90% of the session missed and will allow the remaining 10% to be used on future Adventures or Programs.  Please understand that life happens to us to and in the event of a course cancellation we will issue a full refund within 7 business days.