Partnership Program

Our partnership option is a great way for shops and recreation organizations to start offering experiential programming without the risk and overhead of developing an independent business.

What You Do:

  • Pick the classes you want to offer
  • Sell to your customers
  • Enjoy the results

What We Do:

  • Provide certified and experienced instructors
  • Develop unique curriculum based on product and seasonal trends.
  • Establish and follow proven Risk Management Protocols
  • Offer Liability Coverage and Waivers
  • Obtain Land-Use Permits
  • Provide a Web-based scheduling tool
  • Collect Customer Feedback and Analytics
  • Create Marketing Collateral


$200 monthly Retainer

Includes all program development, coordination, logistics, and liability coverage for all activities and customers. 

Also includes monthly in-house seminar presentation or hands-on clinic.

+$150 per scheduled activity

Includes curriculum and instruction for scheduled experiential activities up to 3 hours. Course group size varies, typically 6-10 participants. Intensive courses = $350 and additional instructors = $150 ea. 

+$100 per person private lesson fee

Includes coordination, private instruction with custom curriculum and up to 3 hours of skills and guiding. 


Average monthly Invoice = $750

$200 retainer + 3x activities + 1 private lesson


Your Revenue Potential 

Average ACtivity fee = $65 per person

Average Group Size = 8

# of activities per month = 3

Gross Revenue = $1560

+ Increased Sales
+ Happy customers
+ community recognition


Example Curriculum


In-house Seminar

A focused seminar offered in-house to support product sales, wellness initiatives, or local knowledge. We customize the curriculum based on seasonal, product, and activity trends that you want to share with your customers. Typical length = 90 minutes. No maximum group size. 

Current Curriculum Includes:

Group Activity

A scheduled experiential activity intended to educate participants about an activity, product, or area (tour). Possible activities include guided tours, skills clinics, product demos, and retreats. 

Current Curriculum Includes:



Private Lesson

A private or semi-private lesson that includes customize instruction. For customers who want a private or custom experience. 

Current Curriculum Includes:

Learn to Ride for Kids


*Revenue potential numbers are based on market rates for full capacity courses.*