Founding Principles

The purpose of Breaking Trails is get kids outside and to inspire them to discover how they can impact the world.  
We started Breaking Trails because we believe:

Kids Should Be Kids

Allowing kids to explore nature at their own pace will teach them more about life and about themselves than any other form of education.  Kids learn best by interacting with their environment, by inspecting nature, using their imaginations, and by climbing on rocks then falling off those rocks. It is our job is to provide the support they need to help them back up, brush them off, and encourage them to keep exploring. 


Nature is for Curiosity and Imagination 

Kids need the opportunity to be free to explore nature freely.  Our job is to facilitate self-discovery and exploration while supporting our kids in finding their passions in the outdoors.  

Kids Need To Play Outside 

Studies show that most behavioral problems come from keeping kids cooped up indoors and limiting their abilities to learn on their own.

Fresh air and the freedom to explore, to run/climb/jump, and to be loud allows kids to express themselves and learn their abilities, not to mention burn off some energy. And for the kids who don't enjoy those things, well we will happily spend our day finding shapes in the clouds. 


Kids Need Balance

Structured programs and high expectations teach kids perseverance and how to deal with the challenges they will face in adulthood.  However, kids also need a chance to learn and explore without the pressure of expectations. 


We believe that by letting kids to be kids and supporting them in the self-paced discovery of their own interests, they will become adults who will influence society in profound ways.


Our Guidelines

Rule #1: Be a good person to those around you, to nature, and to yourself.

We facilitate learning and exploration not force it, therefore our programs are themed, not structured. 

We promote Leading, not Leaders. Leaders are people given the position of authority. Leading means Breaking the Trail and inspiring those around you to accomplish a shared mission.